Hedge Cutting and Tree Surgery in Maidstone for Overgrown Trees and Hedges

Trees and hedges are excellent additions to any outdoor space, but they need proper care to stop them getting too big. While growth is a sign of healthy trees and hedges, it can also lead to issues such as loss of light and interference with overhead electricity lines. Consequently, it is important to keep trees and hedges at a reasonable height and size for their space, which is best achieved with professional tree surgery and hedge cutting. With over 10 years of experience, the tree surgeons at BG Valley offer expert, customised services that maintain the health and condition of your trees and hedges in Maidstone while bringing them back to a suitable size and shape. If necessary, we also undertake felling, stump grinding and site clearance, depending on your needs.

When a tree starts causing safety issues or aesthetic concerns, it is time to reduce its size, and it is best to do this sooner rather than later. This also applies to hedges, and you must make sure your hedge is not causing a nuisance to your neighbours, otherwise they may have the right under the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003 to take their complaint to the council. Our expert hedge cutting services are the best way to keep your hedge neat and healthy and keep your neighbours happy.

Crown Reduction

If your tree in Maidstone has got too big, our tree surgeons can prune it to reduce the height and spread of the crown. As with all tree surgery, it is important for trained professionals to carry out crown reductions because we have the right equipment and skills to carry out work safely, using industry methods that keep trees healthy.

Crown reduction offers a range of benefits, such as:

During a crown reduction we also remove any dead or diseased branches, ensuring maximum safety. In addition, to help customers in Maidstone get the most from their outdoor spaces, we offer site clearance services for domestic and commercial properties, including deadwood removal, stump grinding and storm damage remedial work.

Hedge Cutting

Overgrown hedges can be an eyesore, take up space, block light and can cause issues with your neighbours. To keep everyone happy and ensure you get the most enjoyment from your home and garden, you must keep your hedge at a reasonable height and size. There is even legislation surrounding evergreen hedges, giving neighbours the right to complain about hedges over 2m tall.

As well as a full range of tree surgery, BG Valley Tree Surgeons undertakes professional hedge cutting in Maidstone, which includes tailored plans, compliance with the Wildlife & Countryside Act, advice and solutions for specific hedge species and concerns, and ongoing maintenance.

Site Clearance

While reduction and pruning services are ideal for many overgrown trees and hedges, sometimes customers require clearance services for extensively overgrown spaces. Whether you have a neglected garden, or you need to reclaim a site for another use, BG Valley offers comprehensive services customised to your exact needs.

Our clearance services for overgrown spaces include everything from pruning and stump grinding to tree felling and hedge removal.

For more information on our tree surgery, hedge cutting and site clearance services in Maidstone, please call us on 07444 645461.