Tree Surgeon in Sittingbourne | Safe and Compliant Services

Tree surgery requires a range of expert skills to ensure work is suitable, safe and compliant with regulations. As trained tree surgeons with over 10 years’ experience, our team possesses all the necessary skills to deliver services to the highest levels of safety and quality. From assessing risks and suitable methods to carrying out efficient stump grinding and hedge cutting in line with legislation, we ensure every customer in Sittingbourne, Maidstone and the surrounding areas receives reliable, professional services. Find out how BG Valley provides safe and compliant services every time, whether you require tree pruning, felling, site clearance or other services.

At BG Valley, every customer is unique, which is why we customise plans to fit your exact needs. This means you always get the most suitable services that take into account project-specific risks and requirements. The following are the key aspects we take into account to ensure maximum safety, quality, compliance and satisfaction:

Location & Surrounding Area

When carrying out tree works or site clearance in Sittingbourne, we carefully consider the surrounding area to keep pedestrians or road users safe, and to prevent any damage to nearby obstacles or property. This includes looking at the proximity of buildings, overhead lines, fences, footpaths and roads, and we then determine the most suitable methods for necessary tree surgery.

We also make sure we have any relevant permissions for working in certain areas, such as a neighbour’s permission to access their garden or the council’s permission to close off high-risk public areas. This applies to all services we offer, from stump grinding and hedge cutting to tree felling.

Weather Conditions

Unfavourable weather may make it too dangerous for our tree surgeons to carry out certain jobs and it may increase the risk of damage or injury to nearby property or people. As such, we must take weather into account and won’t carry out work in Sittingbourne if strong winds, rain or other conditions make it dangerous to do so.

Condition of Trees

BG Valley assesses the condition of trees to ensure we provide the most effective solutions. Depending on your requirements, this may include:

Birds & Nests

Before carrying out hedge cutting or tree works, we check for the presence of nesting birds. In compliance with the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, we will never undertake work that could damage or destroy active bird nests or eggs or injure chicks or adults. Consequently, if we find a nest, we may have to postpone services until the chicks have fledged.

Legal Requirements & Best Practice

Some trees are protected by Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) or conservation area restrictions, which means any tree surgery may need prior permission from the local authority. As reputable tree surgeons, we always check the status of trees and obtain necessary permissions before undertaking work.

Furthermore, we adhere to industry best practice on everything from stump grinding to tree removal, ensuring you receive suitable, professional services that meet high health and safety standards.

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